The Center of Addiction & Faith has a website: Center of Addiction & Faith (addictionandfaith.com)

Many resources are available on the site, including a new podcast: “My Story of Addiction & Faith” featuring stories of clergy in recovery. 

Stories of Addiction & Grace – Center of Addiction & Faith (addictionandfaith.com)

Faith and Addiction Conference

Save the Date for the next Addiction & Faith Conference: October 7, 8 & 9 , 2021

A Hybrid Event–Attend in person or online!

For more information and to register, click here

Fellowship of Recovery Lutheran Clergy (FRLC)

The FRLC recognizes addiction as primary, progressive, predictable, chronic, and terminal. Addiction can be arrested at any stage of its development. Recovery from any and all addiction is a spiritual process. We bear witness to this truth at every level of Church. All Lutheran clergy struggling with any form of addiction are always welcome. We’ll do whatever we can to provide support.

Weekly Recovery Meeting for Lutheran Clergy

Get to know us better by dropping in on our weekly meeting during which we discuss our experiences of being in recovery while also serving as pastors.

When: Thursdays at Noon (Central Time)
Setting: Closed, private, anonymous conference call.
Contact: Ed Treat (PastorEd@addictionandfaith.com) for phone number and access code.
Mailing Address:

c/o Transfiguration Lutheran Church
1100 France Ave. South
Bloomington, MN  55431
Phone: 952-884-2364 Ext. 18

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