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Fellowship of Recovering Lutheran Clergy History


FRLC began in 1990, when two pastors, one LCMS, one ELCA, set out to develop a fellowship of Lutheran clergy in recovery from alcoholism for mutual support and encouragement. The organization was originally supported by a grant from Wheatridge, but is now seeking to be self-supporting through member contributions. The Fellowship will be forever indebted to Wheatridge for the support they have given.

The Goals of FRLC Are:

  • to serve as a network of support for recovering clergy.
  • to provide an opportunity for newly recovering clergy to make contact with peers.
  • to be an international network of recovering clergy willing to assist clergy families and parishes.
  • to be a resource in the field of chemical addiction to the Lutheran Church at large.
  • to be available to Bishops and District Presidents ministering to pastors with chemical dependency problems.
  • to meet annually in retreat.
  • to plan for regional events as needed.
  • to aim to be self-supporting through its own contributions.
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