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March 2015 Board minutes

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2:00 pm MDT/3 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/4:00 pm EDT

Present: Gary, Tom, Melanie, Bohdan, Ed

Check In & Prayer  All who were on the call checked in and Melanie opened with a prayer.

 Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting and the January meeting were received.

Treasurer’s report was received. Ed just sent Brian $800 from the December appeal. At the current rate, we will exhaust our funds before the end of the year.

Coordinator’s report Ed sent an e-news and newsletter with a tear off donation form at the bottom last week. We usually receive some donations when we sent one out. Bohdan will combine an article he has written with one Marda wrote about the retreat and send it to Ed for the next issue. We have two new members. Thursday meetings are going well. The schedule for the chairpersons and reminders which Melanie sends out have made a difference.

The new Lutherans Alive Again/Lutheran Recovery Network is going well. Ed met with his mentor/benefactor a week ago. This man brought the associate pastor from his church who is also a pastor in recovery. He is also excited and interested in this ministry. Ed’s frustration is that he is not able to give as much time to it as he’d like. He is grateful for his intern, who has been working on the speaker series though Ed’s church. There were a hundred people at their last event. The next one is scheduled for next week. People have been positive about the 11th step worship/meeting, but it needs to become weekly to really get established.

Ed touched on his concern about the finances again. He requests all of the board members to set up automatic monthly gifts to the Fellowship, using resources like Simply Giving or through your bank.  Ed and Melanie do this. Even a small amount makes a difference.

Ed filed the 2014 taxes. There was a discussion of Gary’s role with the state of Illinois regarding non-profit paperwork. The state will send him the paperwork when it is needed.

Gary shared an email which he received from a LCMS lay woman in recovery who found our website. She was excited about what she saw and wants information about the Fellowship for Lutheran Laity in recovery. Gary will forward the email to Ed.


Old Business:

Ideas for web page: Melanie brought up the idea of making our site more dynamic and interesting so that people would have reasons to return rather than just looking at it once. She thought about linking to a daily recovery devotional, but has not been able to implement that. Another idea was to post a video with some of the material from the preamble to our recovery meetings. Our web developer agreed to work on it but hasn’t gotten to it yet. She and her husband have been dealing with health issues recently.

One of Ed’s thoughts is to find money to put together a dynamic website for the new group with someone who can stay on top of it and keep it up to date. Our site is static and is updated when we get around to it. Melanie will add a new page with material that Ed sent about the 11Th step meeting he has started. She was waiting for him to have experience with the group and format, and since it is going well she will do it sometime soon.


New Business

 E-newsletter and quarterly newsletter article from the cruise were discussed above.

Independent Lutheran Organization: Melanie sent an email to Ed and Bohdan with an article from her Synod’s newsletter. This article from the newly renamed Lutheran Association of Christian Educators explained who they are, who they serve, thanked the Synod for a small donation to their organization and asked readers to consider donating to them also. Perhaps we could send such a letter describing the FRLC to the Synods also. If each of the 65 Synods donated $100 it would be significant. Board members thought this was a good idea.  Melanie will think about it and write a draft letter for the board when she is able to do so, which may not be by the next board meeting.

Following up on a comment at the Annual Meeting, Melanie attempted to look up websites for organizations for clergy in recovery from other denominations. It has been a long time since we have been in touch with them. A Presbyterian clergy group came up on Google but the link didn’t work. The Episcopal clergy fellowship, the  Recovered Alcoholic Clergy Association (RACA) also had a non-working link. She did discover an Episcopal Recovery Ministry site for laity, which she sent to Ed and Bohdan as an idea to work for with our lay fellowship. You may view that website at: http://www.episcopalrecovery.org/

Next retreat: it has been proposed that we hold it in conjunction with the new lay fellowship, possibly in Minnesota. Please think about it. We will discuss it next month.


Next meeting: April 8, 2015 2:00 pm MDT/2 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/3:00 pm EDT 12:00 pm





January 2015 Board minutes

FRLC Board Meeting Minutes, Wednesday, January 7, 2015

            Check In & Prayer: Five members were present

The Minutes from December were approved as sent.

Treasurer’s report—year end The 2014 year end report was sent by email along with the 2013 for comparison. The income was down,  and compensation up this year. Over $800 in checks came in from the Christmas appeal. When finances were critical a few years ago we sent out a strong appeal and received a big boost. Some large one time gifts came in then. The last stipend may not have included in this report, so we may have a little more. It appears that less issues of the newsletter went out last year, which may be a contributing faction. Options discussed included a Lenten appeal or a newsletter focused on finances. The cruise will have happened by the next issue, so we will have had the annual meeting. There is often new energy & leadership coming out of the retreat.

            Coordinator’s report He commented on the nice Christmas fundraising letter Brian put together. It is producing some gifts. The general trend is fewer gifts in larger amounts. We need to keep putting it out there.

We may have a new benefactor, who is mentoring our Coordinator on how to “build” things, and may give financial support. We reviewed progress on the lay fellowship.  Eight congregations and a treatment center are cosponsoring a once a month lecture series for the next nine months, with break out sessions after lecture on understanding the 12 steps, youth, and the “Conscious Contact”-12 step experience w prayer and meditation. He developed the literature and tested it at one meeting in December, and was pleased at how it sounded and how it was received. The first lecture and breakout sessions happen tomorrow night!

Six couples are confirmed and paid for the cruise. The weekly meetings are still going and are regularly attended. He also attended to emails and phone calls the same as always.


Old Business:

            E-newsletter and quarterly newsletter: suggestion to focus on how the money is used and what we accomplish with it. Our treasurer will think about it and we will discuss it at the next Board meeting.

2015 Cruise plans: It was announced in the brochure that we would work our way through the 12 X 12. Each participant will be assigned two chapters to read and speak on. He will send the assignments out to the participants. The board affirmed this plan. We will discuss how we apply the traditions in this Fellowship. The new chairperson will not be able to attend, so the former chair/current secretary will do a written Board report, bring the two year end Treasurer’s reports, and run the meeting.

New Business:

One of our members asked about inviting participation in the Wittenberg Project through our Fellowship. It seemed that people felt it was ok as a non-FRLC announcement on the Thursday calls for those who wanted to talk about it in the informal time after the meeting closes but there was concern about slippery slope putting it on website and Facebook. It was moved, seconded and tabled on “that we abide by the AA traditions and not be a conduit for advertisement of non FRLC related events”.  Will we function by making a case-by-case decision or following AA tradition? The motion will be discussed at the retreat.

A board member brought up what to do when unknown music and conversation comes on line with Thursday meeting call. Nobody admitted it came from their location although it sounded like a recording of a Lutheran worship service. There were two newcomers to FRLC on the call. It has not happened again. Perhaps the best procedure would be to have everyone hang up and call back in.

We closed us in prayer.

The next meeting will be the  annual meeting on the Cruise. The next board meeting will be Wednesday, March 4, 2015 2:00 pm MDT/2 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/3:00 pm EDT 12:00 pm