FRLC Board Minutes March 3, 2021

Present: Bohdan, Ed, Otto, Dave, Melanie, Karen, Tom and Jane

Grant Preparation: Jane Clark led us through completing the final item on the Action Plan and reviewing the job description. Those documents are attached.

Melanie will locate the minutes with the most recent vision and mission and send the information to Jane.

Our next step is to wait for the right funding opportunity and apply. Jane will look at foundations with an interest in Lutherans and ones interested in clergy.

Bohdan thanked everyone for their faithful attendance at these meetings. This is the best participation we’ve had.

Melanie emailed a list of our current board members including the regions we are located in. We are represented in most regions except the north east part of the country.         

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting: MSP (Otto, Dave) to approve the minutes of the last meeting.

            Treasurer’s report was received. The current balance is $1694.17. Our main expense is Ed’s stipend. Not a lot coming in or going out otherwise.

Next meeting: April 7, 2021

2:00 pm MST/3:00 pm CST/1:00 pm PST/4:00 pm EST