FRLC Board Minutes February 24, 2021

Present: Bohdan, Melanie, Ed, Otto, Karen, Tom, Jane

            Jane Clark shared draft 5 of the Action Plan before the meeting. She brought a suggestion that the FRLC seek funding as a sub-contract or pilot project of the CAF rather than submitting our own grant application. It was MSP that we do so.

            Melanie suggested developing an intervention network of intervention specialists knowledgeable on church polity with a goal of having a resource person in each region of the ELCA. Various experiences with intervention were discussed, including old-style confrontative interventions vs. coaching people on how to express concern, what the demand might be, how much could be done remotely and whether a regional presence was necessary, and the difficulties of getting reimbursed if you simply coach people on a phone call. Some bishops will welcome assistance, others will not. Ed was on a call with all the Portico Synodical Representatives. They have limited resources to help with substance abuse issues and seem eager for more, although there are some “coaches” specializing in substance abuse. Ed is seeking more information about the coaches. He mentioned that the church is full of codependents who could benefit by information on how to “Flash Your Brights” (Otto developed materials earlier).

            Ed suggested we develop a job description for an FRLC staff person. Jane invited the board to send ideas of what we would like to see in a job description to her in the next day or two. She will compile them into a document and bring it to the next board meeting for us to work on.

            Jane envisions meeting with the FRLC Board two more times. The first would be to hash out the job description and the second to solidify the infrastructure. Dates were set for these meetings: Wednesday March 3 and March 17 at the usual time.

            Melanie will send a note to all board members informing them about the upcoming meetings and asking them to submit their ideas for the job description.

            The meeting was adjourned.