Decembeer 2018 Board Minutes

FRLC Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 6, 2018

12:00 pm MDT/1:00 pm CDT/11:00 am PDT/2:00 pm EDT


Present: Ed, Beth, Melanie, Roger


Check-in and opening prayer:  Ed opened in prayer.


Minutes: The minutes from November were received.


Treasurer’s Report: We still need a treasurer. Ed will be talking to candidates this week. Everything for the Conference has been paid, including a $1200 retainer for the next Conference. There is a balance of a little over $3000 after the gift to TLC, which was hugely impactful. There is $3100 in the FRLC account.


Coordinator’s Report: Work continues on the next Conference. Ed has an outline of next year’s program. It will be similar with small variations. George Valent is confirmed as a speaker. He led a longitudinal study on impact of 12 steps and happiness, was recommended by Omar and is affordable.  Discussion of potential speakers continued. By the end of this meeting, we were thinking it might be a good idea to have two keynoters and leave more time Saturday afternoon for workshops and recovery meetings. The strength of one would be on the topic of addiction and secondarily on the faith aspect and the other would have expertise in theology and secondarily on recovery in the church. It was suggested that we put the keynoters in touch with each other in advance so they can be aware of where each other is going.


Ed has also been in contact with Amy Klobuchar, the senior United States Senator from Minnesota, who has been active in combatting the opioid epidemic.


There is an ELCA Bishop who is a member of FRLC. Ed would like to invite him to address the Conference.


In order to have room at the hotel to expand the Conference we need to hold it a week earlier. Those present are supportive of this. We could have the grand ball room, vendors and breakout sessions all in the same area. This arrangement would allow us to sell single event tickets and single meal tickets, which we were unable to do this year. He would like to move ahead with the hotel and complete the contract before the end of the year.


There was a discussion about the number and length of the breakout sessions. Current plans call for ten breakout sessions. There were six this year. Three people were too many presenters for one session. We are considering some compensation for the leaders of these sessions. Last year they not only volunteered; they also paid their own registration fees.


It was noted how powerful it was when the speaker in worship shared his story about how church, faith and recovery programs were all necessary for him. We might do want to have something like this in every worship service.


A suggestion was made to have 12 step meetings and spiritual practices in the middle of the day as well as at the beginning and end of the day, as there may be people who need a meeting to deal with the content of the day. Most were well attended last year. There may be a variety of “open” meetings for people who are not participating in a recovery group as well as “closed’ meetings, including a meeting for clergy in recovery. The latter might be in the hospitality room.


The fees have been set for display exhibitors and the team is working on lining them up. They have also been in contact with the Lilly Foundation regarding grant application for $600,000 to expand conference.


Steve Lane of the Episcopal recovery group and Roger have been talking about how to do a mini-version of the Conference in their area. We would like to offer them the opportunity to wrap a clergy event around the Conference and collaborate on some things.  They may also have resources and people that we could coordinate with.


This year it looks like the planning process will need to be streamlined, with fewer people, fewer  meetings, and more executive decisions.


We would like to update the FRLC website and use it more effectively. We had some problems with changing it last year. Melanie will speak to the person who currently handles it for us, and get back to the Board.


The ELCA Disability grant which Melanie spoke about last month is not a good fit for us. She will follow up with her contact at Montana State University and put him in touch with a local person. He has a lot of information on grants but many are not designed for what we are doing.


We still need an agent in Illinois. Roger and Ed reviewed name of members who have an address in Illinois and selected a few to contact. Roger will contact Jessie White, Secretary of State of the state of Illinois and find out what is involved in changing agents.


New business: none


Roger closed the meeting with prayer.

The January meeting will be postponed one week due to holiday plans.


Next regular Board meeting: Thursday, January 10, 2019.

12:00 pm MST/1:00 pm CST/11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST

Call in number: 605-475-6333 Access code: 53120#