FRLC Board Minutes Jan. 2018

FRLC Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 11, 2018

12:00 pm MDT/1 pm CDT/11:00 am PDT/2:00 pm EDT


            Check In & Prayer: Ed, Arthur, K., Melanie, Brian were present. Arthur opened with prayer.

Minutes The minutes of the December meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report: was received by email. We had some nice donations at the end of the year and are in a much better place financially, with a balance of $  2467.29. God is blessing us richly! Brian will have a year-end report next month. Ed has another $300 to send, including a personal check from a bishop.

Coordinator’s report: Ed has been doing the routine items, mostly responding to correspondence. There was a recent retreat planning meeting that was not well attended. He will be working to pull it back together. He meets with Meredith next week and has a list to work on with her.  He is asking for approval to go live and enter the promotional stage. They are taking Lori Swanson off the conference schedule as she did not respond to the email about the new date. Ed will let her know. The two local bishops will send representatives as our date conflicts with the Conference of Bishops meeting. We are thinking of acknowledging the presence of these representatives but not calling on them to speak. Bishop Lull said “every bishop will want to send someone” and will promote it with the bishops. Ed will be laying out a promotional plan with Meredith. We received $4,600 where were memorial gifts designated to conference, so we have some seed money. There is a graphic artist who is willing to design materials for the event. Everyone on the board will need to register and bring others. Ed is going to challenge us and remind us as a part of the promotional plan. Ed will follow up on the PayPal button for the website. The conference website has a place for people to offer scholarships to help others attend. We could approach congregations regarding providing scholarship money as well. There is a group of spiritual directors from Loyola which Ed’s wife is a part of. They have committed to offer spiritual direction at the conference at no charge to participants. The group is excited to do this!

Our grant writing partner sent information about a national webinar. Drew Brooks, the director of  Faith Partners is one of the presenters. One of our former board members, Al Dungan, was active with this group. Drew met with Ed about the conference and is excited about it. Faith Partners is a possible cosponsor and Drew will be a panelist at one of the workshops. Met with Ed and really excited about it.

Old Business: Melanie sent the grant proposal regarding funding the conference to the Deaconess Community. She will sent a copy to the board. We are asking for $20,000, the full amount of grant support that Ed budgeted for. The Deaconess Community will inform us if we are invited to submit a full proposal by the end of the month.

New Business: Neither Ed nor Bohdan will be here on the scheduled date of the next meeting. We will meet on Thursday, February 15 instead.

Next meeting Thursday February 15, 2018 following the recovery meeting 11:00 am PDT/12:00 pm MDT/1 pm CDT/2:00 pm EDT 12:00 pm