July 2017 Board Minutes

Present: Roger, Bohdan, Brian, Kirk, Ed

Everyone checked in. Roger opened the meeting with prayer.


Minutes from May & June Meetings were approved.


Treasurer’s report: Not a lot to report. The email with the detailed report will be sent soon. There were no out of the ordinary income or expenses. The current balance is $1163.62.

PayPal button on Website – Brian looked at a few sites but hadn’t made progress. He will set up a PayPal account as a non-profit and get the information to Bea. Kirk can help after his vacation is over at the end of July.


Coordinator’s report: He has mostly been focusing on the 2018 retreat. The planning group has been meeting weekly. Roger is on it from the board. Ed sent the contract with hotel. Some of us did not get it, so he will resend it to Bohdan & Melanie. Please review it asap—it will be discussed at the meeting tomorrow. Three key note speakers have contracts, some have been paid a deposit. The retreat website is ready to launch. It will allow for registration online. He is getting event insurance from Church Mutual to cover any liability. The bishops of the Minneapolis & St Paul Synods are in support of the retreat. The planning group is working on the workshop plans. Publicity will begin soon. We will have a newsletter next month that will have the information on the retreat. Ed will let us know when we can look at the website and give feedback before it goes out to the public. It would be helpful if a couple of us could register also to test it before it goes out to the public. There will be a reduced rate for “early bird” registration. All of the board members are asked to get ten people to register. Request that we all think and pray about who to invite to the retreat and get ten people. The focus of the retreat is broader than an AA event, including how we might respond to the opiate crisis and tools for recovery ministry for churches. We would like to get CEU’s for health care professionals if we can find someone who can help us do it.


Old Business:

Newsletter: It brings in income but covers the cost not much else. The Coordinator suggested doing an appeal for more significant gifts of a couple hundred dollars. We concluded that the appeal could go in the next issue with the publicity about the retreat and ask for support that we might continue to do the kind of work that is leading to the retreat. We could announce the PayPal option in the newsletter. There will be a link on our website to retreat site and an invitation to support the FRLC. Ed is thinking that the person who is doing the retreat website might be willing to take on the one for the FRLC later.


New Business:

Expenses for ELCA Rostered Leaders Gathering: Dave C. is attending. Ed asked him to make a specific request for financial support which has not been received. Melanie will email him with information about our finances and let him know we would consider a specific request if received by the August board meeting.


New schedule for the Thursday Meetings: Melanie is working on it. It will be complete by

the end of July.


Next meeting: August 2, 2017 2:00 pm MDT/2 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/3:00 pm EDT 12:00 pm