September Board Meeting

FRLC Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2:00 pm MDT/3 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/4:00 pm EDT


            Present: Tom, Bohdan, Melanie, Ed, Brian


Check In & Prayer All checked in. One member celebrated a 16th anniversary of sobriety, another attended the laymen’s retreat and brought a sponsee to it. Tom opened in prayer.


Minutes from May Meeting Approved


Treasurer’s report: He will get the account details out by the end of the day today. He brought Ed’s compensation up to date, no other expenses. A small contribution came in. Following the meeting he sent the following report through end of August. Current balance in wells Fargo checking:    $2536.17.


            Coordinator’s report: He has some checks to forward to the treasurer. Came back from sabbatical to two weddings and a funeral. He wants to get an email blast out soon. He and his associate are continuing to experiment with the recovery meeting Monday. They went on retreat to brainstorm the development of the lay fellowship. They are hoping to get it going in the next year. They have some start up funding and are meeting tomorrow for an update.

The Board Chair was contacted by two people over the summer while the Coordinator was gone, one was a member updating contact information, one wanted to join but did not respond to follow up emails


Old Business:

Strategies for updating our database: Some addresses are correct for the church but the pastor has moved. Do we want to pay someone to do it? Since there was no response to that question, it was decided to try assigning board members a section and using denominational websites and phone calls to update the information. The Chair will divide up the list and email a section to each board member to make connection or get an accurate email address.


New Business:

            Newsletter: Bohdan will write something to go out on our efforts to update the contact information. Since there were several recent anniversary celebrations it was suggested that might be worth including. Tom will celebrate forty years in the spring. He offered to write about how recovery has changed over the last thirty nine years. A suggested deadline was early next week. Another idea was since we are working on updating contact information we could include a self addressed stamped envelope for people to return with their current information. It was moved, seconded and passed to do so.


            Thursday meeting report. Participation was a bit lower over the summer but very meaningful to those on the call.


Website: Everyone is encouraged to look at it and review it for the next meeting. The chair also reminded us of the FRLC FaceBook page. It is a closed group. There was a recent post asking for advice. Board members are encouraged to look for it and respond.


Next meeting: October 5, 2016 2:00 pm MDT/2 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/3:00 pm EDT 12:00 pm