February 2016 Board meeting

FRLC Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2:00 pm MDT/3 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/4:00 pm EDT

Present: Ed, Bohdan, Melanie. All checked in. Melanie opened with prayer. Congratulations to Karen and Arthur on their ordinations!



            Lay Fellowship: Melanie asked if people thought she should update Nadia on our plans. We have a little less than $5,000 for this purpose at present. It is still in process. The consensus was to wait until there was more information.

FRLC Retreat: Bohdan will be making phone calls to the Colorado membership; we would like contact information for members in neighboring states. Ed will send that information to the planners.

–Four people have indicated they will be coming, for a total of six including the planners. Our contract requires us to pay for a minimum of ten people. Four more are needed.

–Bohdan will follow up with the facility to clarify that the banquet on Wednesday is in addition to the other two suppers (Monday & Tuesday). He volunteered to cover the difference in cost.

–Discussion of inviting seminary students. Melanie will ask Bea to produce a flyer and Ed will get the flyer and brochures to Luther Seminary. In the e-blast he will invite those who can not attend to make a donation for scholarships for students. Bohdan also offered to assist students who need financial support to attend. Melanie asked Bea to add that information to the flyer.

Coordinator’s Report: He received notice of a payment due for our domain name for the website, which he will forward to the treasurer. He will be figuring out how to cover this work during his sabbatical, and asked how we would like to handle his stipend during that time. Those who were on the call thought that in light of his many years of faithful service, we could continue to pay it. We received a couple of nice donations recently, including one from the Bishop of the St. Paul Synod and one from the Lower Susquehanna Synod. There was a request for membership from a long time church worker who was attending seminary when confronted with his addiction. We approved his membership and discussed encouraging him to explain that if he called in to the Thursday meetings.

Treasurer’s Report was sent by email following the meeting.

All previous Minutes were approved.

Next meeting: March 2, 2016 2:00 pm MDT/2 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/3:00 pm EDT 12:00 pm