Serenity on the Sea : A Spiritual Retreat for Lutheran Pastors in Recovery and their Spouses

Sail to the Bahamas!

It’s time to register for the FRLC CRuise, February 9-14, 2015!

2015 Cruise brochure

If you are a pastor or seminarian in 12-Step recovery
you are invited to take a journey of personal enrichment,
fellowship and spiritual renewal.

For the past 20 years our retreats have been highly appreciated and praised by our members. A recent attendee of
our Holden Village retreat said, “That was the most amazing,
refreshing, and ridiculous weeks of my life. I’ve never
laughed so much and I’ve never felt more connected to my fellow clergy that meaningfully. I feel like I have gotten some of my life back.”

This is a continuing education opportunity, but not in the traditional sense. This is about growing in faith, growing in recovery, deepening our under-standing of ourselves and how we best serve the Lord as clergy and as recovering people.

Flexibility and openness are the words for a cruise retreat.
Depending on the ships schedule and planned
excursions participants will meet each day for worship,
12-step meetings and theological workshops built
around the ships schedule.

On our cruise ship retreats there are many opportunities
for table fellowship, enjoying an extensive variety
of excellent food. We will break bread together daily
and enjoy rich and renewing fellowship with laughter,
joy and gratitude.

On a cruise ship you find rest. Pastors are notoriously
busy people. To be good stewards of our lives we
serve faithfully, but as even our creator took rest and our
Lord withdrew for times of renewal we too must take the
time to rest and recharge. A cruise ship seems an unusual
place for a pastor to find rest, but you will find it. Pastors and their spouses from our last two cruises were
gushing with praise for how refreshed and renewed they
felt after this time away together.

Secure your space with a deposit, and make payments as needed, with full payment due by December 1, 2014.

Costs: Inside Cabin: $363 per person double occupancy.
Ocean View Cabin: $403 per person double occupancy.

2015 Cruise brochure


Registration Form


To register:
Call Walt Schaffrick
Extension: 77354

April 1, 2014 Board Minutes

FRLC Board Meeting
Tuesday April 1, 2014 (April fools….)
2:00 pm MDT/3 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/4:00 pm EDT

Attendance: Four board members were present.
Approval of Minutes: The February minutes were approved.
Treasurer’s report: The treasurer gave an excellent report.
The opening balance $3047.12, expenses included the newsletter mailing of $390, and annual fee for the Web site hosting of $30. The ending balance is $2627.12.

Old Business:
Brochure: The newsletter and brochure for the cruise were sent out together. The brochure did not mention the option of making a deposit and quarterly payments as in the past. It is an option.
Recovery Meetings: 4-6 people are attending the phone call meetings and there has been good discussion.
Luther Church, Missouri Synod: A board member successfully reached John Fale at the national office to be contact for the FRLC. He plans to meet with him, share more about FRLC and give him a letter requesting that he officially be our contact. There was no response from Bruce Hartung .
Webpage: There are some views, not a lot. The Coordinator still needs the training on posting on it. The board president is handling it for now. The Feb minutes and the Cruise has been posted.

New Business:
Social Media: Discussion of how can we use facebook or Email of the week to make contact with fellow clergy who are in the fellowship? Dorothy will contact Ed to see what is feasible.

Next meeting: May 8th, 2:00 pm MDT/3 pm CDT/1:00 pm PDT/4:00 pm EDT