January 2014 Board Minutes

FRLC Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Five board members attended, checked in with several having sobriety from 40-11 years. New Years brings out the best realization of alcoholism, and many have faced the need to find hope and help in the fellowship.

Minutes were approved. Treasurer’s report was discussed. Co-coordinator’s position was reviewed as to the various tasks involved. Donations used to have the names and amounts and not longer did. Maybe just names and no amounts would work.
Report approved.

Coordinator was unable to attend.
Newsletter editor reported that no solution has been completed for the newletter with coordinator but they are working on it. (Mac/PDF/readability)

Noon meetings have several attend each week.
Retreat for 2015, where??? Galveston? Several were interested

LCMS relations have not progressed; continued efforts in the future.

Posting minutes on the web seems to be going well.

More discussion about Social Media usage, like Facebook needs to be addressed.

Since FRLC Facebook is anonymous, each person has to request to join and Facebook site and the administer must approve.

Next Meeting Feb 7, 2014