Response to FRLC Retreat aboard cruise ship in February 2013 by Gary W. Galen

It was a meaningful and genuine trip. First of all, as our first cruise, Sharon and I enjoyed it immensely plus our time in LA with my nephew. We were also thankful we weren’t on a Carnival cruise ship in the GULF. What makes a cruise meaningful is having some kind of program like our FRLC fellowship. Otherwise a cruise is just a cruise.

As I hadn’t been on a FRLC retreat in a few years I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. The format was meaningful as it delved into each of the 12 steps with ample discussion in a Christian context and relating to us as Lutheran pastors, something we wouldn’t do in a normal AA meeting. The format was thankfully like my home group in Edwardsville uses. I believe Step meetings and Big Book meetings are the most beneficial, followed by speaker meetings.

I especially appreciated those from Alanon, or codependant as I relate to similar issues. ( I was in the Family Program) Those issues are now more pertinent later on in my sobriety. Thanks for letting me share and I encourage others to take advantage of some sort of FRLC retreat in the future. All of those I’ve attended have been a great experience.